PRP and PRF for Face, Lips and Hair Procedures for Medical and Dental Providers
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Platelet rich plasma therapy, known as PRP for short, is now extremely popular for hair restoration procedures and facial rejuvenation. As more peer-reviewed research studies continue to be published on both therapies, popularity continues to increase!

Platelet rich fibrin, known as PRF for short, involves turning a patient’s own blood into a bio-stimulating gel. When PRF is created, it’s been shown to work amazingly well as a natural autologous dermal filler for the lips, undereyes and cheeks.

In this two day course, attendees will learn in a hands on setting both PRP and PRF for hair and face treatments. This will include an understanding of pertinent regulations, anatomy, and physiology of the aging process. Then, didactic presentations will teach attendees how to deal with complications and also post-care education.

The hands on portion of the course will include working with blood to process both PRP and PRF. Real patient models will be at the course for attendees to work with R3’s trainers to learn patient evaluation, procedure planning and the actual procedure techniques.

In order to make the two days organized, day one focuses on PRP specifically, with day two including PRF and then combination therapies.

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David Greene MD, PhD, MBA
Dr. Sabrina Solt, NMD
Neville Campbell, MD, MBA
Lucia Mirales Chavez MD
Dr. Tal Cohen DAOM MS-FMHN
Dr. Geneva Worthington
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PRP and PRF for Face, Lips and Hair Course